Career Opportunities

Mortgage Broker & Support Staff Job Openings in Florida

Loan Officers

This position requires motivation and self-discipline. Communication skills and the ability to develop and maintain relationships with referral partners. An MLO license with the State of Florida is also required. Please send your resume to or to inquire about available positions.

Loan Partners

This position requires great attention to detail and a working knowledge of the mortgage industry.  Loan Partners work alongside Loan Officers to ensure that loans are prepared accurately for processing and to cater to the needs of their clients. Please send your resume to or to inquire about available positions.

Relationship Manager

The primary responsibility of the Relationship Manager is to process loans. Experience processing in a broker environment is strongly encouraged but experience is mandatory. Attention to detail, organizational skills, and flexibility are necessary for this position. Please send your resume to to inquire about available positions.

Client Care Coordinator

Client Care Coordinators are responsible for third party order outs and aiding the Relationship Manager in the processing of loans. Like most positions in the mortgage industry, communication skills and attention to detail are a must. Please email to inquire about available positions.